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October 9, 2009

Other Comments

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General comments relating to workers and the workplace.



  1. If there is anyone from Immigration/Work Permit/Employment Services authorities following this sites’ comments, ( or anyone else who knows their procedure), I would be very Interested to hear their comments as to:

    1). What do they do upon receipt of a complaint regarding a specific Job for which a Caymanian has applied
    and they have been declined for ‘dubious’ reason/s but would have otherwise qualified easily ?
    (what is done with the letter of complaint)?
    2). When is acknowledgement of the complaint provided to the complainant?
    3). What is their procedure for letting the complainant know exactly what is being done about their
    complaint ? ( in other words, more than just saying it is being ‘looked into’…which to be clear, I
    have not even had that response yet )…….
    4). Upon their decision as to whether or not a complainant has a justifiable complaint – when is the
    complainant then notified and what advice is given as to the recommended step/s forward ?
    5). To what extent is the complainant’s identity ( or even the fact that an investigation is being done at
    his ‘behest’ ) ‘sheltered’ so that if the complainant was ‘re-approached’ by the Employer (as a
    potential candidate) they could be assured that there was no vindictiveness directed to the ‘now’
    potential Caymanian Employee ?.

    Now I personally, have never gotten past Stage 1) of the questions above – and I do not know the answer to what happens when I have submitted my complaint by E/Mail, Regular Mail, Registered Mail and/or ‘Hand-Delivery’

    so………….. I am guessing that this is what gave Birth to a site like CFC, where we may be able to seek the answers from other sources ???
    however……… I would be delighted to get a straight answer from those relevant Autorities so that I/we could follow the correct procedure to know that something was being done for me as an Honest Hard-working (or would-be Hard-working) Caymanian.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 31, 2009 @ 12:48 PM | Reply

  2. I found your Website – Almost by Accident – It is so unfortunate that obviously most of your comments will be falling on ‘Deaf-Ears’ – How can anyone assure us that the people who matter are actually hearing the voices of Caymanians and how do we know that Senior Caymanians ( Meaning anyone of relevance in Authority in Government or in Senior areas of Private Sector are even listening or Care ) ???? I have never seen it !!
    In my experience, once a Caymanian manages to struggle their way to a Senior position- they have either lost the desire or their ambition to see their fellow man to make it to their equal Level. ( they are even ‘guardious’ (for want of a better correct word) of the fact that their fellow-man should reach their level. (reminds me of the old days when My Cousin’s Cows were all poisoned because someone was jealous that they may be getting ‘ahead’ of them in terms of assets ).
    They feel – ‘Well it has been a difficult struggle for me… why should I try to look out for my Fellow Countryman ‘ (regardless of their brother’s struggle ).
    One of my ex-employers, a Senior Caymanian Lady ( who had herself been fired from a job in her previous History but had managed to cover it up becuase of her family connections )felt the need to ‘set me up’ for constructive dismissal (but lost the case ( I won ) – Let’s leave it at that – Why, Ms. J – Why must Caymanians do that to each other ??

    Immigration/Employment Services do NOTHING as far as I can see regarding complaints which are made regarding injustices – Foreign Companies continue to get their work permits for the most Outrageous requests which Local applicants cannot fill – As complainants, we Caymanians are not even deserving of even an acknowledgement from Immigration – (even for letters sent by Registered Mail) – let alone any action – and what happens – the Foreign Company Wins and gets what they want ( e.g. A FILING CLERK WHO SPEAKS MUTLIPLE LANGUAGES FOR LITTLE TO NO SALARY BUT WITH AN ALL PAID RENTAL CONDOMINIUM, xxx WEEKS PAID VACATION BACK TO THEIR HOME COUNTRY, EDUCATION FOR THEIR CHILDREN and A CAR ALLOWANCE ( and a SOCIAL TAB AT THE RITZ…… or the like).

    Anybody still wondering why qualified Caymanians are still dissatisfied and there is anarchy in Cayman ?

    I personally spoke to McKeeva Bush as a Caymanian regarding a situation dring my Career and he promised to look into my situation and call me back ( this was just before the elections ). Maybe it was because I am only Half-Caymanian (lived here more than 65% of my life) – that made him not pick up the phone ….. or maybe, he just did not care ???

    Can we please start the trend to allow Caymanians to Feel that they are counted in this community before all of our SchoolLeavers exit the system as non-producers ‘because they just do not see the point of trying’ ??

    Comment by Anonymous — October 29, 2009 @ 8:35 PM | Reply

  3. And may I ask why I, as a Caymanian with a Degree should be subjected to the likes of having to take a High School ‘Mini-Exam’ (e.g. as I did with Messrs. Dart Management) – only to waste my valuable time and effort dressing up, taking the time, gas and effort to visit their Offices – ( for a Job considerably Junior to my Qualifications and experience) and subsequently, hearing NOTHING further !!! When I followed up and called to ask, “well at least tell me how I scored in the Exam” (“even if you are not going to offer me the job”) – I am told ‘oh no, this is against policy’…….

    and then ‘HELLO !! …………. each and every time we apply to Dart Management for a subsequent position – ‘they cannot simply look at our last ‘”DART” High School Exam’ results’ – we are subjected to the same embarrassing procedure each time we apply, with our CV’s , Degrees and ample experience. Could it be that we never stood a chance in the first place ….. ??? I think so, for the more Medium to Senior positions.

    These Companies must understand AND SHOULD RESPECT the fact that we Caymanians did not do away to College (or apply for our Degrees through Extensive ‘Distance Learning’ (at the sacrifice of time with our Spouses and/or Families) just to be expected to repeat the whole School process again, each time we apply for a Job. WE HAVE THE WRITTEN CREDENTIALS – WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED ???? – Hello Dart/FCIB – Wake Up !!!

    WE HAVE PAID OUR DUES ( Just as much as you, the CEO’s/Supervisors/Managers who are turning us away ) – We have shown you our legimate Credentials (which we did not ‘BUY’ online like some of our Foreign UCCI’College’ Employees) – DO not insult us by expecting us to go through the charades of your Bogus ‘internal exams’ in order to qualify for positions for which we have already qualified for in any European or North/Central/South American Country and many other parts of the world – (but which you have already filled ‘In-House’ at your Company by Friends or Cronies of the Management).

    In closing, let me say that in all fairness, I have seen some (a few) of my Caymanian family ( brothers, Cousins, ‘In-Laws’) be lucky ….. Having studied hard and sacrificed much, they have been rewarded for their efforts and I congratulate them wholeheartedly – but regrettably, as Caymanians – they are few and far between and it is sad,, very very sad.

    Never let it be said that Caymanians never tried – they have – but like the good Lord said (loosely translated) ‘I am as a stranger in my own Country’

    Comment by Anonymous — October 29, 2009 @ 6:04 PM | Reply

  4. I was under the impression that it is illegal ( or at the least, immoral ) to advertise positions on basis of specific personal attributes but still I see vacancies being advertised for ‘attractive young lady’ , ‘Born-Again Christian only’ and the latest spate – Relatively Junior positions advertised at Foreign Banks – demanding Bi-Lingual speakers of Exotic Languages at low to Medium Salaries.

    These positions are so obviously geared toward applicants from the Home Country of the Company advertising that it is hilarious.

    We should be past the days when people could comment that Caymanians expect to have jobs handed to them as a matter of right ! Caymanians have gone out and earned their Degrees – but they are still not good enough for these Foreign Countries (especially Banks).

    I have been to interviews a 2 of the large Retail Banks where the Interviewer has plainly stated ‘we actually have a work permit application in because we have our candidate but Immigration have told us we must interview more Caymanians’………
    So, what is my purpose at the Interview – (besides just permitting the Company to waste my time) ? – Allowing the Company to USE ME as a statistic to Satisfy Immigration. This has happened to me at at least 2 Retail banks that I can think of just of the top of my Head.

    I like your site – but I am just concerned that it may do nothing more than allowing us to ‘vent’ our frustration without being able to do anything to help ourselves. Nobody has ever bothered before (despite subsequently unfulfilled promises which are made leading up to Election time)…

    Comment by Anonymous — October 28, 2009 @ 4:45 PM | Reply

  5. Here we go again. Same Song and Dance. Verse one lyrics: goes like this: “Caymanians go home, X-pats, go to work!” Repeat 7 times.
    The account of this event is nothing short of an act of socioeconomic genocide that does not and will never have a statute of limitations. The contracts that the Construction company, operated by Tom Jones international located in the Cayman Islands, should primarily be serving the poor and minorities in the Cayman Islands, who happens to be the local people..
    Predictably this kind of behavior towards the locals has been going to seed for sometime and the Cayman Islands governments response has been to make fine speeches, promises, appoint a new work Permit Board amongst other boards, and so forth, which to date calculates to“Doing Nothing.”that makes a difference.The problem still exists. Mr. Ezzard Miller a devoted Legislator to the people of Northside and to all Caymanians along with Mr. Steve McField, a grass roots Attorney, both came to the aide of the Caymanian Workers in a time of crisis, and we are very proud of them.. As a test of diplomacy the Chairman of the Caymanian Work Permit Board should have been invited to join them at the scene of the construction site as well, allowing an embarrassing situation for those work Permit Grantors that continue to create hardship for their own people, many of these victims are heads of household.. It is only fair to the people and those workers that the Chairman of the Work Permit Board do a Press Conference reporting publicly answering questions on account of this incident with a solution to the way forward for these victimized workers. That is what a new government organizing for Cayman is all about and how we expect them to respond in a time of crisis. Is is now time for government to consider revoking the license of this Tom Jones International whoever they may be and stop printing and issuing them work permits, and close down this Work Permit Mill that is creating a nightmare for the people of the Cayman Islands?. It is the same theory realized in many small towns, villages or populations where unscrupulous Developers or Contractors are granted multiple work permits and contracts with no checks and balances. As a result These unscrupulous employers, allude to act as an autocratic organization and on a day to day basis do as they bloody well please; as supremacists unleashing bias and prejudice measures on the inhabitants of a little hick town, or local peasants or tribals (as they believe), Caymanians to be while your own government stands by allowing them to continue to oppress, victimize, ostracize, and discriminate against the men and women of the Cayman Islands keeping them poor, subdued, inferior, outnumbered, and jobless. This must now cease. We call for action by Mr. McKeeva Bush and his government to “pull the plug” and all Licenses and permits of Tom Jones International and open that contract to your local contractors for bidding who should have had that contract in the first place.In the future the bidding for government contracts should be publicly and properly vetted allowing local Caymanian contractors to respond and secure those contracts with proper regulation in place and a contingency to hire Caymanians First; since they don’t always adhere to fair hiring practices themselves.l.. The Work Permit Board must be satisfied that there is absolutely a necessity to grant a work permit in such cases, Based on the preponderance of the events mentioned in the above report and others, I’m not convinced that this was the case.

    Florence Goring-Nozza

    Comment by CfC Unity — October 19, 2009 @ 1:49 PM | Reply

  6. Congratulations on your movement. I trust that it will become a Think Tank, a Public Policy Advisor, and a Center of Excellence for the promotion of Caymanian productivity, innovation, resilience, and career advancement. Who are we developing for? If our bright young people are being marginalized, then what will happen to the lower ability people in our community. No wonder that the young people are engaging in anti-social behaviour, they are rebeling against a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

    If the expat decision-makers (and their local “uncle Tom’s”) feel that they can continue this status quo with immunity, then they are wrong. Because the ill feeling and bitterness will spill over into the streets, workplaces, public places etc. What is so unfair about Caymanians getting a genuine equal opportunity?

    We have had enough of applying for jobs and getting not even an acknowledgement! We are fed up with going to interviews and being asked biased questions, and we can read the body language to know that the interview is just being done to satisfy Immigration because a Work Permit is being sought! Enough is enough with jobs being advertised, and when a suitable and qualified Caymanian applies, then suddenly the job is re-advertised with different requirements, or the Caymanian applicant is told that the company will not be filling that position after all. We are sick and tired with these flimsy excuses like, “you’re not the perfect fit”….what does that mean? But, next time you check, that same company has a 6-month TWP for the expat that they always intended to bring in! (This is even happening in the Public Sector…check the Police Department).

    If commonsense and equity cannot be applied, then we may have to suffer abit like the Bahamas did, but the younger generation will not take this kind of abuse anymore!!!! Period.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 12, 2009 @ 1:10 PM | Reply

    • I am so in agreement regarding the fact that we Caymanians are simply assisting these Companies and Banks to fill the numbers to simply ‘appease’ Immigration requirements. I could not believe being at an interview (where I was ‘absolutely qualified’ or even ‘over-qualified’ for the position – only to hear the Interviewer actually have the audacity to tell me that I was just filling up the numbers for Immigration because they had been told they could not get their work permit until they had satisfied Immigration that they had not been able to find a Caymanian applicant.
      LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! LIES !!!! — LISTEN UP IMMIGRATION !!!!! – What am I supposed to do when my Interviewer STARTS OUT the interview by telling me he does not really need (or want) me – He already has his candidate (from his own Country) … would I still want the job knowing that I had ‘eventually’ gotten it ‘by-default’ knowing that the ‘begrudging’ Employer only gave me the job because he felt he had been backed into a corner????
      No, I walk away – it’s easier !!! And PLEASE DO NOT SAY “YOU SHOULD REPORT SUCH INCIDENTS TO IMMIGRATION” – – I have done so many times , “many many times”, with not so much as an acknowledgement from Immigration (even when I have sent the comment via Registered Mail).

      What can we do in these circumstances ???? Yes !!!! AS most sensible people say…. “put it behind you and move on”……………….. HELLO !!!!!! How many times must we do this throughout our Careers just because we do not suit, as Caymanians??

      God Help us All

      Comment by Anonymous — October 29, 2009 @ 6:25 PM | Reply

  7. I think we probably have to spoon feed our people.
    Starting with the basics teaching them who they are, that they are not what X-pats say they are but that they are uniquely created and that they are who God says they are people of hope,skills, and potential to win in this life.

    Comment by CfC Unity — October 11, 2009 @ 7:28 AM | Reply

  8. If anyone speaks up for Caymanians the Expats believe we are discriminating against them. The facts are there are problems on both sides like most issues, where young Caymanians believe they have an entitlement to a job with little or no work ethic. I was considered an outsider (not Caymanian) when I came here to live 14 years ago as I don’t sound like or tolerate poor work ethics. There are still some Caymanians out there who got their jobs without the educational background to make improvements, they learned by rote and can not teach there subordinates the proper steps to accomplish the required end result.

    On the other hand, I have seen some extremely qualified Caymanians continue hit the glass ceiling because the Senior Officers of all Foreign Companies located here in Grand Cayman are Expats. This is definitely the case at the large established firms on the island.

    My personal belief is that the 7 year roll-over policy got rid of the educated, family oriented expats who benefited these islands economy & charitable organizations while the less desirable expats from Honduras & Jamaica just leave the islands for 6 months, after the 7 years rollover and come right back. The Cayman Islands Immigration should give educated Expats that have shown a positive impact on our islands “Residency with the Right to Work”, after 7 years instead of giving away our voting rights with Caymanian Status.

    For this country to stay strong and maintain National Pride we should only give Caymanian Status to Caymanian descendents. This should be a priority as Caymanianians are now and will continue to be the minority of the population.

    Comment by CfC Unity — October 11, 2009 @ 7:18 AM | Reply

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