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The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be” : Horace Bushnell

“Caymanians for Caymanians” is not really new at all. Our history paints a beautiful picture of community and caring for the welfare and wellbeing of each other. Something has crept in and contaminated the one thing which made us uniquely Caymanian….We had a genuine love in our hearts for our fellow man. That Caymanian culture of love was frowned upon and that which was our greatest strength was exploited as a weakness. That Great Bay Tree of love was carelessly hewn down and cast on to a heap, just like so many of our beautiful fruit trees, which were so plentiful but were dug out and replaced with barren shrubbery. But a seed of love remained in the fertile soil of the people. That seed has just sprouted. One day it shall grow once again into a great Bay Tree…but we have to shelter it from bad whether, from insects, from parasites and from wild animals wishing to devour it. We must treat it delicately and walk softly in its presence. We must not let anything near it, which might destroy it. We must water it with discretion and tact. We must fence it in with scrutiny and scepticism. We must shelter it with selective secrecy, until the day when it confidently climbs towards the sun…..until it shades us once again in a cool, rested place.

CfC is the advocate “watch dog” for employed and employable Caymanians.

Q & A:

Question: Why did you need to form this watch dog group?

Answer: “Caymanians for Caymanians (CfC)” is necessary because many of the problems arising in the work force are incidences where an employer or supervisor is victimising someone and getting away with it. We want to expose the person/s causing the problems in a way that will not result in retaliation against the staff. Sometimes it’s just a matter of elevating the problem to a higher level in the organization without the issue having to go public. Other times, public pressure may have to be placed on organizations to stop abusing staff.

Question: How do you intend to use this forum to ensure that the rights of Caymanians (and any disenfranchised persons who call Cayman their home) are protected? 

Answer: We can only be effective if we know who the offenders are. We encourage anyone being victimized to contact us immediately (Email: Your identity shall remain confidential. We will then coach the victim to be patient and behave in a manner that will protect their position, while we proceed to bring gradual pressure on the supervisor to change his/her behaviour. We are not out to get anyone fired. We simply want to see a change in behaviour resulting in a level playing field for everyone.

Question: What do you mean by victimised?

Answer:  You or someone you know may be frustrated because:

  • You NEVER get anything challenging to do.
  • You’ve been on the job for YEARS but no movement up the ladder.
  • You’re NOT included or you don’t feel included as part of the team.
  • You’re ALWAYS criticized but NEVER praised.
  • You’re NEVER appreciated.
  • You’re NEVER recognized.
  • You NEVER get any opportunity for input through meetings or conversation.
  • You NEVER get to discuss your career development.
  • You see things happening in your work place that you KNOW are not fair.

Constructive dismissal:

Constructive dismissal is one of the most stressful working conditions to be in. It is a situation where your employer or supervisor deliberately and systematically tries to get you to quit through fear, intimidation, verbal abuse or psychological abuse. In extreme cases, they will set you up to make a mistake or falsely accuse you. Then give you the choice of resigning or they fire you. Most people get scared and resign…..NEVER QUIT UNDER PRESSURE!

i. This often happens in cases of personality conflicts or when your supervisor doesn’t like you.

ii. It also happens when your employer or supervisor blames YOU for not getting their way. For example, they may be compelled to hire you when they had already identified a non-Caymanian for that position. In extreme cases, they will create another job for the non-Caymanian just to get his foot in the door. Then they proceed to constructively dismiss YOU and place that expatriate in your job after you leave.

Question: You talk about those who are already working. What about unemployed Caymanians?

Answer: Please email us when you see a job that you are going to apply for. We will guide you through the application process and coach you to increase your chances of getting the job.

CfC has an advisory group of very gifted individuals. We are small in number but we are intelligent, industrious and educated. We will use every legal means to ensure you get to play on a level playing field.

It is in everyone’s best interest to be truthful when you report information to us. Accurate information is crucial to making good decisions. When the facts are correct, they will point us in the right directions. We can then make informed decisions to improve our way of life.

Please email any questions you may have to For more information about our philosophy, please visit our sister website.

May God bless us all.

CfC Administrator

George P. Samuels, CPA CfC Administrator


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